Galaxy Note 8 dual camera: here are the features to expect

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Galaxy Note 8 dual camera: here are the features to expect

While the Galaxy Note 8 might not be as visually revolutionary as the Galaxy S8, it will be making up for it with one special feature. And, no, that won’t be the S Pen. The Galaxy Note 8 also happens to be the first Samsung smartphone to wield two cameras on its back. And while Samsung itself has been light on the teasers, more information about this new camera is now made available, thanks to information coming from the camera sensor maker, which is Samsung itself.

Granted, this information is more about Samsung’s new ISOCELL Dual sensors rather than the Galaxy Note 8’s camera itself. That said, given this is Samsung’s first dual sensors and the Galaxy Note 8 is the first phone to have dual cameras, it’s only reasonable to expect that they’re one and the same.

First, there are features that you’ve come to expect from high-end smartphone cameras, especially dual ones. “Super Zoom”, for example, is Samsung’s fancy marketing term for the sensor’s ability to do 3x optical, not digital, zoom. “Refocus” plays on the dual camera’s ability to measure depth, allowing users to change what object is in focus and blurring the rest. And with two cameras, the sensor can absorb more light and helps it take better low-light pictures with “Super Night Shot”.



And then there are the somewhat whimsical features that take advantage of the two cameras working together. “Perspective View”, for example, lets you slightly change the angle of a shot, up to +/- 45 degrees, after you’ve taken it. And “Background Effect” lets you apply some rather heavy distortions to create a more dramatic image.

However, there is an off chance that not all features the sensor is capable of will be available in the Galaxy Note 8. Given how basic some of them are, it would, however, be a tragedy if they didn’t We won’t have to wait long to find out, however, since Samsung has already confirmed an August 23 date for its unveiling.

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