iPhone 8 leak in bronze and black, iPhone 7 Plus makes a cameo

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iPhone 8 leak in bronze and black, iPhone 7 Plus makes a cameo

While those in the Android world are just counting down days before the next big Android smartphones are revealed, the leaks, tips, and rumors about the iPhone 8 have not yet stopped. Although it does seem that the HomePod firmware gravy has slowed down to a trickle, no small amount of dummies are showing up to give the iPhone 8 a more visible face. Not everyone, however, might like that face, especially if it comes in a color that very few will probably find appealing.

The iPhone 8 will come in black, that pretty much is a given. Colors come and go, but dark hues have always been a mainstay, no matter the generation, model, or brand. That said, very black, a.k.a. Jet Black, isn’t exactly a staple of the iPhone since the iPhone 6, but Apple fixed that with the iPhone 7. It is quite fitting that the iPhone 8 also get the same treatment.

Brown might be the new black though, and this particular color is perhaps even more contentious than other colors. There are so many ways you can go wrong with brown. Nokia seems to have predicted the upcoming trend since it was one of the first rumored to have a Copper Gold color for the still to be announced Nokia 8. Now Apple seems to be ready to jump on that bandwagon with a Bronze hue of its own. Or perhaps you can call it the Milk Chocolate iPhone 8.





What is interesting about this Bronze/Copper color, aside from the color itself, is that the front of the iPhone 8 is white. It was tipped before that there would be no white front for the iPhone 8, because of the special circumstances of its near bezel-less screen. If these dummies are to be believed, however, that just isn’t the case.

Giga.de wasn’t the only one showing a white-faced iPhone 8 either. YouTuber Danny Winget actually had a number of iPhone 8 dummies, some of which showed a white face. And, yes, he also had a Bronze iPhone 8.



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